Jena Griswold:

Putting Politics before

Coloradans, doing anything to

protect her political allies.

Tell Jena Griswold to stop

Using her office to advance

a partisan agenda

A lengthy history of

Partisan activism and



February 2022: The Washington Post called Jena Griswold’s argument that elections might be unreliable unless Democrats prevail in Secretary of State races “poison”

“The idea that elections might be unreliable unless Democrats get their way — or unless Democrats get elected secretary of state — is a strain of the same poison being peddled by people who say Biden didn’t win.” (Source: Washington Post)

January 2022: After years of attacks against the Trump administration, Griswold refused to condemn President Biden after he questioned the legitimacy of the upcoming midterm elections

“Conspicuously absent from Griswold’s exaggerations were any grievances about fellow Democrat Joe Biden’s remarks questioning the legitimacy of the upcoming 2022 elections.” (Source: Colorado Politics)


December 2021: Griswold blamed President Trump for COVID deaths, but refused to hold Biden to her same partisan standard

“Well, President Joe Biden finally decided to say the quiet part out loud.

After months of carrying on about a national plan and the need to follow guidelines and best practices, he finally threw his hands in the air and admitted it. This pandemic will end when the states sort out how to end it.

‘Look, there is no federal solution,’ Biden said Monday, according to a transcript of a conversation he had with a group of governors. ‘This gets solved at a state level.’” (Source: USA Today)


December 2021: Griswold throws her support behind another partisan federal takeover of elections (Sources: Reuters, S.2747 — 117th Congress)

June 2021: Griswold compares herself to Dr. Fauci to fundraise despite mounting questions about his credibility (Source: Fox News, Jena for Colorado)

May 2021: Griswold endorses Democrats’ first attempt to federalize elections and invalidate Colorado election law

“The massive bill contains measures critics say would override Colorado election law by allowing clerks to accept ballots postmarked by Election Day rather than only those received by the deadline. It could also change how Colorado verifies signatures on mail ballots and alter which forms of identification are accepted by election officials.” (Source: Colorado Politics)

May 2021: Griswold’s partisan antics divide her own party and employees

“A note here about Griswold. In surveying a number of leading Democratic operatives, opinion was most divided about her. […] To others, she is a walking definition of shallow hype whom her own employees loathe and then leave. This much is clear – she has higher office in her sights and surely will be at the center of one of these contests.” (Source: Colorado Politics)

May 2021: Griswold violates pledge to abstain from campaign finance complaint rulings

“When it comes to campaign finance complaints, Secretary of State Jena Griswold 2021 seems to forget Griswold 2019. Contrary to her past pledges and the law, she is now a ‘Final Decision Maker.’” (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette)

April 2021: Democrats condemn Griswold for politicizing her office, say using her gender to deflect criticism is “bullshit”

“I think that she is highly political,’ said Susan Barnes-Gelt, a Democrat and former Denver City Councilwoman. ‘I don’t think the Secretary of State’s office ought to be partisan in any way; it ought to be nonpartisan.’ […] ‘I think when general members of the public see one thing that could be attributed to sexism, it’s easy to ignore it,’ she said. ‘But I see 40 instances of things that could be attributed to sexism every day in politics and it’s much more obvious to somebody whose job it is to root this out and push up against those systems, when there’s real sexism at play.‘

As with most things Griswold-adjacent, not everyone agrees.

‘That’s bullshit,’ Barnes-Gelt said of the allegations. ‘Young, unqualified people, male and female — that’s the trope now.” (Source: Colorado Politics)

January 2021: Former staff slam Griswold’s competence

“Given the overwhelmingly positive nature of LinkedIn I will keep to the platform’s general ethos by only pointing out that this office has over 200% turnover within its executive team in less than two years under current leadership. There are other opportunities that are better suited for talented individuals looking to make an impact in Colorado.” (Source: Colorado Sun)

January 2021: Griswold’s office experienced record turnover, spotlighting partisanship and incompetence

“Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has made history. Whether it involves her deputy, her chief of staff or other jobs in her office, our secretary of state has single-handedly redefined the term “revolving door.”

In just two years in office, Griswold has already burned through the same number of deputies as there were in the previous two decades at the Secretary of State’s Office — and that’s just her deputy.

You read that right. Between 1999 and 2019, there were only two individuals — Bill Hobbs and Suzanne Staiert — who served as deputy secretary of state.” (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette)


October 2020: Democrats say Griswold is using her gender to shield herself from criticism

“I am the same party as she is, but you’ve got to call them like you see them,’ said Mitchell, a Democrat. ‘I feel like she’s gotten away with some things because people don’t want to look like they are attacking a young woman.” (Source: Colorado Sun)

October 2020: Bipartisan group of County Clerks say Griswold’s partisan and incompetent record risks trust in Colorado elections

“She has feuded with the state’s elections clerks and President Donald Trump while watching the leadership team she hired quit just months into her tenure. Over the objections of the county clerks who run elections, she supported a massive re-write of state elections law, then her office underestimated how much it would cost to implement. […]

Then this April, the clerks were left without guidance from the secretary’s office about COVID-19.

It’s in that environment that Broomfield City and County Clerk Jennifer Robinson emailed her election director, Todd Davidson, asking if he was going to listen to a virtual town hall Griswold was hosting with New Era Colorado, a progressive voter group.

‘Of course,’ wrote Davidson on April 15. ‘I’m p——— myself with excitement to hear her bull—— us some more.” (Source: Colorado Public Radio)

March 2020: After Griswold’s office suggests voters can illegally cast multiple ballots, media slams Secretary of State office’s incompetence

“I relayed the information provided to me this morning by the Secretary of State’s office. When they decided to walk it back this afternoon, I relayed that immediately. In the future, I will seek more authoritative sources on voting than the Secretary of State’s office.” (Source: 9News)


July 2019: Griswold explores leaving position to advance her political career mere months after assuming Secretary of State office

“7 months into her current job, she’s already looking for an exit” (Source: 9News)

May 2019: Media condemns Griswold for allowing partisan group to edit an official press release from her office

“Jena Griswold has broken faith with the people of Colorado” (Source: 9News)